Protect your data from any threat with a single solution

with Cyber Protect Cloud

These days organisations are rolling out solutions for their anti-virus, backup, patch management and other security threats. Because of this. Some are finding that their devices are becoming bloated and slow. This is because all these different agents installed on each device performing different tasks and sometimes even overlapping in roles.

With Cyber Protect Cloud. You install one agent and manage each device as a single endpoint. Removing the complexity of many different solutions

market leading-backup

Easy-to-use backup and antivirus

Protects everything — photos, files, applications, systems and the devices they’re on — through an intuitive interface that’s accessible from anywhere.

easy efficent

Efficient all-in-one protection

Unifies reliable, secure backup and advanced anti-malware in one full feature solution, eliminating the cost and complexity of managing multiple tools.


Secure from all cyberthreats

Stops any threat from disrupting your customer’s digital life, from disk failure to lost or stolen devices, to the latest cyberattacks — including those never seen before

One solutions covering all your cyber protection needs

full image-backup

Full image backups

Protect everything to recover anything. A mirror image of their system disk or a selected partition enables customers to easily recover whatever they need — from their entire system to an individual file or folder

videoconfrence protection

Videoconference protection

Protect customer’s data and privacy from
hacker attacks when videoconferencing via
Zoom, Cisco Webex or Microsoft Teams.

on demarnd-antivirus-scan

On-demand antivirus scan

Ensure threats aren’t lurking on their computer by scanning for malware whenever you want. Choose a quick file scan or a full system scan to check everything.

real time-protection

Real-time protection

Keep their devices and backup files safe from malicious activities. It blocks even never-seen-before threats by checking every file you interact with in real time.

anti ransomware

Anti-ransomware and cryptojacking

Safeguard their files, apps, and systems by detecting and stopping ransomware and cryptojacking attacks. It automatically restores any affected files.

user friendly-dashboard

User-friendly cyber protection dashboard

With our intuitive dashboard, monitor everything at a glance, including backup activity, data statistics and cybersecurity metrics for all your customers’ devices.

indentity protection

Identity protection

Safeguard personal information, such as social security numbers, financial details and many more to prevent identity theft.

indentity protection

Build in backup for Microsoft 365

Backup your data that is stored in Microsoft 365 including: Exchange Online, OneDrive, Sharepoint and Teams.