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These days, there are plenty of hosting companies out there. But all of these are dominated by the big faceless cloud providers. JH96 was founded on the understanding that hosting should be monitored and managed by people not machines. All our services are closely monitored by our technicians and actively patch our servers and monitor our networks for security.

JH96 provides free consultation with each and every service. Meaning that you do not need to have the technical expertise to manage your own services. We can do it for you. But we also provide administrator access for you get your services at your finger tips.

JH96 offers emergency support service meaning that you can always reach us when you need us. We are here to support you, not just sell you products and services.

JH96 Hosting LTD is a registered company in the UK & Ireland

A word from our founder.

My name is John and I founded JH96 Hosting because I have a drive to support small businesses, charities and other non-profit businesses in their quest for better hosted solutions.

When I first started working in the IT industry. It was ruled by expensive web hosting and on-site servers. It was very strange to find a small business with hosted mail at all. But this was before mail spoofing, scams and ransomware was among us. These days, companies do not have the resources to build their IT infrastructure themselves. This is mainly because they don’t have the resources to maintain it and keep it secure.

Business and charities look to out-source their IT to hosted solutions for applications such as their file storage, mail and unified communications. Meaning that there have been a number of big cloud providers spring up. This then created a big gap in the lack of understanding for small businesses to manage these services. This is where JH96 comes in. We are a managed service provider with a twist. We give you the people behind the service. All our packages and products come with the support behind them to remove the burden from you.


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