Simplify endpoint management and protection

with Advanced Management

Part of Cyber Protect Cloud

With Acronis Advanced Management you can deliver endpoint management services efficiently drawing from the automation, intelligence and integration across Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, which enables you to build a fast, proactive and responsive management infrastructure that prevents most problems before they happen.

Advanced Management Datasheet

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Monitor automatically using machine learning

  • Predictive health monitoring and real-time detection

  • Monitor 24 parameters for Windows and macOS

  • Profiling-based anomaly detection

  • Profiling-based anomaly detection

  • Customizable alerts severity, frequency and notifications

Troubleshoot in real time using Remote Desktop support

  • New support for MacOS and Linux

  • Better support for slow networks

  • Instant one -time support

  • Screenshot transmission

Offer comprehensive endpoint management

  • Report on software inventory collection

  • Monitor multivendor drive health

  • Use pre-integrated backup and security features

Prevent client downtime with automated patching

  • Assess vulnerabilities

  • Keep systems running and secure across 300+ applications

Increase efficiency with out-of-the-box scripting

  • Automate routine tasks

  • Use self-defense-secured, ready-to-use and customizable scripts

ML-based monitoring and smart alerting

Enable IT technicians to proactively monitor their clients’ workloads, reduce the number of generated alerts, define an alert’s severity, and perform automatic remediation actions.


Mitigate operational risks and optimize monitoring effort

  • Monitor the status of the built-in or third party anti-malware software

  • Monitor the read and write speed of each physical disk

  • Monitor the incoming and outgoing traffic for each network adapter

  • Monitor the status of the built-in or third-party firewall

  • Monitor specific business-critical events in the Windows event logs

  • Monitor the installation, update or deletion of software applications

  • Monitor custom objects via running scripts

Remote desktop and assistance

Access remote workloads and resolve technical issues quickly, saving the time and providing reliable support with excellent performance even in case of limited bandwidth. Better platform coverage (Windows, MacOS, Linux), multi-window control, session recording, remote actions, file transfer and sharing, monitoring and reporting.

Troubleshoot in real time using remote desktop and remote assistance

  • Best-in-class remote desktop with secure connections, high-performance even over low-latency networks

  • Work side-by-side with your clients from anywhere

  • New support for MacOS and Linux with same solution

  • Simultaneously observe multiple remote workloads in one window

  • From sharing files to streaming video

  • Transfer files between local and remote workloads