My-Engine Security

Yets combat spam together!


Introducing proFilter

Our spam filter is a fully SMTP compliant Email security service. In short it is like a washing machine where only the good/clean emails are delivered downstream to your preferred mailserver and the spam (also viruses & malware) are kept in a quanrantine.

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Introducing backupMX

Worried about your mail server going offline during a maintenance window or worse, it dies?

Worry no more with Backup MX, because if your server goes offline or becomes too busy to answer an incoming email then we will receive your emails while your server is unavailable and then deliver them on to you when your server is ready.

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Introducing fakeMX

Temporarily reject mail directed at low-priority mail servers with FakeMX. In addition to your email spam-filter our service adds to your spam level protection.

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Introducing outMail

outMail is an outgoing SMTP email relay service that integrates with your existing e-commerce solutions, mailing list and email applications. outMail works with all SMTP (Authenticated SMTP) applications, computers, servers and mobile devices.

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