An outgoing SMTP service 

outMail is an outgoing SMTP email relay service that integrates with your existing e-commerce solutions, mailing list and email applications. outMail works with all SMTP (Authenticated SMTP) applications, computers, servers and mobile devices.

All emails are sent using a SMTP server (also known as a SMTP gateway or SMTP Smarthost). The protocol SMTP (Simple Message Transfer Protocol) has been around since the early days of the Internet and its the method all email messages use to send emails from the sender to the recipient/s. Sending emails is the life blood of any business and as such we've designed outMail as a trusted service with a high deliverability reputation.

JH96Hosting not only offers outMail as a trusted outgoing SMTP email server, but we help you with better security of emails by supporting SMTPS, SPF & DKIM to futher increase trust and sending reputation of emails.

Do you have trouble sending emails?

Solve your outbound email problems for good.  Our mail sending proxy service gives you a secure and trusted means of sending and relaying your emails regardless of where you are or which ISP you are using.

What is it?

  • a secure authenticated SMTP mail service

  • a secure and fast SMTP mail relay

  • a secure and reliable smarthost

  • an outbound SMTP server

  • fully managed by a online portal

    available in flexible service plans


Authenticated SMTP

Our service supports username and password SMTP authentication. Giving users access to a secure, safe and reliable outgoing SMTP service for sending legitimate emails

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SPF & DKIM Support

Increase your deliverability with SPF (Sender Policy Framework). SPF records are designed to combat spam, adding our trusted outMail servers to your existing SPF will further validate your email. With DKIM signing your emails you can further protect your messages from spoofing and phishing.

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Alternative SMTP Ports

In addition to the Standard SMTP port 25, we support additional SMTP TCP ports to avoid your ISP blocking or redirecting the standard port. 

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Great IP Reputation

Our IP reputation is the key to our success, and is designed to rotate addresses automatically to ensure your emails are delivered. We maintain good relationships with many large providers to keep our IP Addresses white-listed.

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Management Portal

From the management portal you can see real-time usage graphs and raw SMTP log information.

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24x7 Protection

Our technical support our acceptable use policy to help email deliverability. However should a customer device go rogue, we have 24x7 activity & network monitoring in place to quarantine that user so services can go on uninterrupted.

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Who is it for?

What is SMTP?

SMTP is short for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, which is the method used for Internet email delivery. It is the most widely used protocol for sending outbound email from one server to another, known as a SMTP relay. The outbound SMTP server is generally known as a Mail Transfer Agent or MTA.

Do I need it?

If you need to send emails? Then the answer is yes. All email is sent via a protocol called SMTP. It's a protocol that knows how to take your email and deliver it to the recipients mail server. In order to send email you need an email (SMTP) service provider. With outMail we make the process simple, you can email from anywhere in the world and from your own domain name.



  • 1.30 /month

    Send up to 50 emails per day


  • 2.50 /month

    Send up to 100 emails per day


  • 7.00 /month

    Send up to 200 emails per day


  • 10.60 /month

    Send up to 300 emails per day


  • 14.60 /month

    Send up to 500 emails per day


  • 19.00 /month

    Send up to 1000 email per day

*more plans avalible on request