ARM technology

Embrace the processing technology from the 21st century. Computers and servers no longer need to be power hungry and run hot. Arm technologies are more efficient and have better performance-per-watt.





Cloudless Infrastructure

The cloud is not for everyone. In some case it can be less cost-effective. For small businesses we can offer a complete ‘cloud-detox’. Keeping your data and services exactly where you want them.


Open Sourced

Sometimes you don’t need to pay £1000s for software licencing. The open-sourced community can offer like-for-like solutions that are completly free to use. 

Open-sourced can also offer (in some cases) more security and features. Being developed by a community, development can be quicker and less painfull.

We develop solutions and services using open-sourced software that can be taylored to suite your needs. This means that you can get exactly what you need.